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3rd June: Rescheduled Workshop & Concert

For all those who love singing together, here’s something special for you: a multilingual singing session including afternoon Workshop and evening Concert. To reserve tickets, send us a message via our contact page. In association with Lewes Ripple.

We perform songs in multi lingos

Pam and de Femmes live at the Con Club Lewes
L to R: Cate, Sophia, John, Siou, Andy and Pam at the Lewes Con Club 2021

Pam and de Femmes are a band from Lewes in East Sussex. They started in March 2019 as a foursome of females doing calypso interludes for an evening of poets with Caribbean roots. Later that year they were joined by a rhythm section of bass and cajon. They extended their song net to include Spanish, then Hungarian and Polish. Now they are a six piece band – sometimes seven – singing in languages from all around the world. They have performed songs in Czech, Swedish, German, Italian, Yiddish and American English, among others. They are constantly expanding their repertoire.

Jak exotické! 

​Currently, they come with several voices, accordion, violin, ukulele, bass, cajon, percussion and – on special occasions – our honorary Femme, the Great British Bake Off‘s very own Jürgen Krauss, on trombone. 

Pam and de Femmes at Brewhaven with Jürgen Krauss
L to R: Sophia, Andy, Siou, Pam, John, Jürgen and Cate at Brewhaven 2021
Pam and de Femmes banner
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